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LOVE is the main ingredient in everything we create. We make the best, 100% all natural, handmade soaps and skincare products to soothe your skin and enrich your daily experience. Wake up eager to shower and rub on our luscious skincare lotions, body butters, body jellies, and soufflés. Experience therapeutic healing through the use of gentle, natural essential oils, extracts, tinctures, and herbs that soothe, soften, and revitalize even the most sensitive skin.

We pamper every individual with our natural and personal skincare regimen, developed especially for you. We are the only skincare company with over 20 matching bath accessories to meet your body’s every skincare need. Our customized treatment plans not only create a safe and natural way to balance, moisturize, and revitalize your skin and hair, but reveal simple and effective ways proven to nourish and restore your skin's radiance from the inside out.

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Don't miss another holiday, corporate event, birthday, anniversary, bridal and baby shower, important meeting, or special event! We'll keep track of them all and send you free e-mail reminders. It's free, easy, private, and fun! Simply e-mail us at info@tahitiantreats.com, or for immediate attention contact us at 202-829-4655, or toll free at 1-866-203-8926, Pin #0050. Orders can be taken over the telephone. Tell a family member, friend, and/or co-worker and receive a bonus gift!

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